About Us

Marsnetwork.org is a site dedicated to informing people of who are interested in becoming marine electricians of their job responsibilities, the hazards of they may face, and the training that await them. Marine electricians are essential for operation, if you are unable to do your job properly you may put the whole crew and vessel into danger. Our aim is to reduce the likelihood of that by educating those aspiring for the position, so that they may understand the importance of their role.

Each article is meticulously research and written, reaching out to institutions to confirm that the information we give is accurate and up to date. We created a place where one could understand the duties of the position, and truly decide if this is the career that they are aiming for.

Our blog feature articles that may be able to help you find opportunities for employment and training to become a marine electrician. Along with details about the requirements to be one and the advantages of being a licensed marine electrician.

We encourage those who have the experience to share their experiences and what the job is like in the field through our contact page. The information that you share may be valuable to those who aspire the profession.

We also encourage questions from our readers if you want to know more, though we can’t promise to reply to everyone’s inquiries, we believe asking more questions about your career choice will enable you to know if it is truly the one for you.

We dabble in educating our readers of the duties of this profession so that those who are interested may be able to know if they truly want and are capable of this path. And for those who have their minds set in this career, to prepare them for what will soon follow.